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Probable Selves

Model: Troyden Lewis

The image above references the concept of "probable selves", a subject popular to new age and spiritualist movements of the post 1960's and one that seems to be seeing a revival. It's and idea similar in nature to parallel universes in physics. The notion of probable selves suggests that the reality you now occupy was at one time a theoretical probability and as you live this physical life you manifest one of an infinite number of probable realities in each moment. What seems like the movement of time from moment to moment is a shifting through frames of probable reality not unlike frames in a motion picture reel. As long as your consciousness is attuned to the physical system, the only thing that will appear 'real' to you is what you physically perceive. Therefore a thought appears as something 'not real' where a table, a tree, anything perceived seems 'real'. Our senses would have us believe that this is the one and only r…

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