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TRUTHS & DECEPTIONS - Sexuality and the Zone System

Do we really understand sexuality? In photography we have a concept known as the "Zone System" which is a scale of 11 graduations from zone zero (absolute black) to zone ten (absolute white). Between these two extremes are progressive shades of grey. This brings me to sexuality. The three commonly accepted categories of sexuality (homo, hetero, bi) have been a less than adequate model of sexuality and it’s true nature. We would be better served to think of sexuality as a graduating grey scale rather than three neat categories that society has imposed. The three categories are labels of association for groups of like-minded people but do you really fit the mould? So why the zone system? To apply the zone system to sexuality describes it as a continuous graduation rather than a series of defined categories. However in the case of sexuality the graduations would fall short of absolutes i.e., no absolute black and no absolute white. There is no absolute heterosexuality. Nor is …

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